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Security Power provides you with the peace of mind that your family, home and assets are secured by a professionally installed and monitored security system

With many years of experience installing and servicing residential properties you can rest assured that our security systems afford you the latest in security technology and our professional, technical and installation team can recommend the security system that will best protect you and your family.

We understand the importance of protecting not only tangible assets such as jewellery, furniture, electronic equipment  but those highly treasured non tangible possessions that are of most importance to you and your family.

Security Power can provide you with the most comprehensive protection at affordable prices to not only secure and protect your personnel possessions, but can monitor fire and smoke detectors along with personnel duress alarms.

Protection of your family and assets is our primary objective. The technology incorporated in many of our security systems allow you to isolate zones within your home so that you may remain inside while the security system is monitoring the outside of your home giving you a “Protective Zone” and peace of mind.

Your elderly family members can also be protected within the same security system with our medical monitoring service. This allows elderly family members to remain at the family home but with the additional peace of mind that should that member of the family require special attention, help is just a push of a button away.
Security Power can install a system that helps you to protect what is valuable to you; you, your family and assets.


We also understand that your pets are part of your family and that they also need to be catered for. Our security systems can be installed such that they continue to protect your family and assets while your pets have free run of your home.

Security Power Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated security company that is fully insured and registered with Victoria Police.


All our technical staff hold Victoria Police issued photo identification and carry it whenever they are working on your property. We are also a corporate member of the Australian Security Industry Association Limited.


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We offer: No obligation evaluation / recommendation of your security requirements
No obligation evaluation of security system upgrades.
Free Quotes on Monitoring, Video Surveillance and Access Control Systems.

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